The airport chair armrest, features stand feet

by:OUHE     2020-06-22
The airport chair armrest, standing foot features: in general, only on both sides have the airport chair armrest, special circumstances every bit equipped with handrails. Airport chair armrest must be sturdy, must can bear larger power, in order to avoid damage in people in the improper use or crowded armrest, armrest with metal, firm in the first link beams or seat. Stand feet is the airport chair ground support, generally is metal frame, request connection is firm, can bear larger load, can firmly hold the ground, should not be moved: the airport chair stand feet see size planning reference: sitting height: seat surface peak to the distance of the ground, 400 - in general 420毫米; Width: the width of the plate, generally greater than 400 mm; Deep: the distance of the plate front to the back of a chair; Generally not less than 400 - 450毫米; Back high: the size of the top panel to the back of the chair; High total: back from high to the ground; High armrest; Armrest peak to the distance of the ground; Deep: a seat in the front to the back of the chair point distance, usually affect the seating chair; Sit Angle: plane and horizontal plane Angle, for 2 - commonly 5 degrees; Back Angle: depend on horizontal Angle on the back of, but is 100 - 120 degrees, total width in each row, maximum width of single row seat;
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