The airport chair can do advertising?

by:OUHE     2020-06-26
Answer: yes, ( Details need to negotiate with the airport chair manufacturer) In fact, every airport, the station will have a lot of the airport chairs, waiting chairs, seating. Few decades, many hundreds of thousands of row. If you make good use of these seats, there are dozens to thousands of advertising. For example: your choose and buy is PU airport chair, PU waiting chair, PU seating, such with PU or XiPi leather, you can find some businesses, advertising companies in the leather on the back of a chair of printing or coating business advertising. Note: 1. After the airport chair manufacturers agreed to ( Avoid spraying chemical damage PU, XiPi etc. The quality of the leather. Otherwise, because of the spraying result in material damage, airport chair factory is difficult to help you with your warranty) 2. According to the actual needs of the airport, to avoid a lot of advertising affect the person's mood, to do beautiful, comfortable.
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