The airport chair can't do 6 what are the reasons for a row?

by:OUHE     2020-06-26
Airport chairs both stainless steel airport chairs, aluminum alloy airport chair, PU airport chair, plastic chair seat is use stainless steel or aluminum alloy beams, generally, the airport chair will only install two feet and two arms. Do 5 most commonly a row, and a row 5 people rarely manufacturer will do, majority is four people, because of the four has reached more than 2 m, the total length of the beam is longer, the tolerance is not so good, these often are uneven weight at the airport, station people sit, time is long, there will be a downward bending hidden trouble in the middle. If it is more than 6 people a row seat length up to 3 m or so, so you need to install one or more middle 2 stand feet, this leads to installation, transportation, arrangement is very inconvenient, so it is not recommended to do 6 people a row chair at the airport. Common airport chair size: number one: 865 mm * 730 mm * 590 mm: two 865 mm * 730 mm * 1180 mm 3 people: 865 mm * 730 mm * 1760 mm four people: 865 mm * 730 mm * 2330 mm
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