The airport chair chair face is how to design?

by:OUHE     2020-06-21
Common airport chair seat design analysis: chair surface design should conform to the leg structure, suitable for the leg stretch and circulation of the blood. Some can lay on the sofa chair, for example, we must design according to the bending of the legs, if is the airport chair, airport chair is limited, should be suitable for the general population, if the seat of the chair surface designed to those long recreational chair, the maintenance cost will improve greatly. So the airport chair of the chair of the length and height, and the degree of curvature of plate to conform to the children, youth, adults, women, the old man's house, and so on. Common data analysis: the length of the chair: 724 mm; The chair surface width: 620 mm; The height of the seat plate from the ground: 400 mm - - - - - - - 420mm;
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