The airport chair chair leg ( Foot) What is the standard show?

by:OUHE     2020-06-23
The airport chair chair leg ( Foot) Non-metallic materials (material: Nylon PA66, fiber GF) Mold design. Structure: a single bar whole forming, shall not adopt any bar type of structure, welding together shall not in any way. Attached to the bottom of the chair leg rubber pad to prevent damage to the ground, can adjust the antiskid contact rubber MATS. 3. Seats seating the installation position of the legs must not interfere with the passage of passengers, consider convenient clean the ground at the same time. Non-metallic materials ( Nylon PA66, fiber GF) Seat supporting frame performance parameters: tensile coefficient ( ISO527) 16000 kpa; The impact strength, ISO179) 80 ㎏/㎡。 Thermal performance parameters: melting point ( ISO11357) 260℃。 Electrical characteristics parameters: the dielectric strength ( IEC60243 - 1) 33KV/MM。 General parameters: the density ( ISO1183) 1. 5G/CM3; Flame retardant ( ISO1210) B1( HB) 。 3 in a row, match chair of two sets of four row feet; 5 in a row with three sets of chair foot.
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