The airport chair chair surface machining process

by:OUHE     2020-06-23
Airport chair chair surface production process: 1, material: according to the customer designated airport chair model of process requirement, sizes and specifications with mechanical in steel plate cutting to the required specifications of the process. 2, punching. Can choose 100 t punch: specific have: eight hole, hexagonal hole, perforated plate, a long hole, square hole, round hole, perforated plate network, triangular hole and so on. Because the airport chair chair face of common are need hole. 3, chair face blunt corners. Common usage: 63 t attack Angle punch. 4, two volumes. Common usage: 40 t crimping machine. 5, chair face large arc shape. Common usage: 100 t hydraulic press. 6, two small arc shape. Article 7, aluminum alloy side assembly. Aluminum alloy side bar assembly (1) two (2) two flat head (3) sealing big radian of edge molding (4) drilling, tapping. (5) the two small radian 6 polishing all landowners and mesh plate fixation ( Drilling, nailing) 8, cleaning, packing.
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