The airport chair corrosion resistance standard is what?

by:OUHE     2020-06-21
Airport chair the corrosion resistance of the standard: the corrosion resistance of the standard is for sure, both to admit it, use it, and cannot be bound by it, according to the specific requirements to determine whether the specific standard of corrosion. At present on the corrosion resistance of stainless steel is used more 10 standard, choose which level as the requirements of corrosion resistance, want to consider equipment, the characteristics of the department is a ( Its thickness, size) Use lifespan, product quality, Such as impurities, color, purity) Requirements, generally speaking, in the process of using require smooth mirror or size precision instrument equipment and components, can choose 1 ~ 3 level standard, to require close cooperation, long-term not leak or require the use of long equipment, choose 2 - parts Level 5, the request is not high maintenance convenient or not long equipment life, part 4 - optional Level 7, in addition to special exception, the stainless steel in the conditions of use next year corrosion rate of less than 1 mm are generally not choose, 10 level standard for local corrosion is not applicable.
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