The airport chair extrusion processing method

by:OUHE     2020-06-23
The extrusion of the airport chair features: 1. In the process of extrusion and squeezed metal in the deformation zone can obtain more strongly than rolling forging and uniform three compressive stress state, so that we can give full play to the plasticity of the metal itself processed; 2. Extrusion method can not only generate cross section shape of rods, tubes, simple type, wire products, can also produce cross section shape of complex profiles and pipes; 3. Extrusion processing flexibility is relatively large, need to change mould, such as extrusion tool, so that it can be on one device in shape, specifications, varieties of different products, replacement of extrusion die of convenient operation, time saving, high efficiency; 4. Extrusion products of high accuracy, good surface quality of the products, also improve the utilization rate of the metal material and yield; 5. Extrusion process is a good effect on the mechanical performance of the metal; 6. Short process flow, convenient production, once you get specific heat forging or at the end of the extrusion molding, etc of rolling product greater overall structure, less investment in equipment, mould cost is low, high economic benefit; 7. Light metals and extrusion characteristics of light alloy with good, particularly suitable for extrusion processing, such as aluminum and aluminum alloy, can through a variety of extrusion technology and die structure of processing; 8. Only cross section, etc.
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