The airport chair factory equipment

by:OUHE     2020-06-24
Airport chair factory machinery and equipment is introduced: in the era of the rapid development of science and technology, the efficiency must be improved, with the airport chair manufacturers have introduced automatic welding robots, higher accuracy than the artificial production, can work long hours, less mistakes advantages in many aspects. For example: the OTC robot: welding robot is a kind of extended arm ( AⅡ- V6L series) Action range wider, competent for all kinds of complex used in welding environment. This special welding machine makes the work efficiency has been further enriched. A, action faster, more agile response: due to using more advanced servo control system, make the robot can run in speed mode, save the working time. Second, completely independent of multi-joint robot, compared with the original robotic motion is wider. Three, the security protection function: outside the mechanical touch sensors, as options can also provide servo control touch sensors.
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