The airport chair galvanized the longer, the better?

by:OUHE     2020-06-20
Airport chair in a fixed to extend the time of galvanized, galvanized temperatures is equal to increase the chance of a zinc diffusion reaction of iron, this will make the iron on the strip surface more likely to be dissolved, in short, at any temperature prolong galvanized, the weight of the iron loss will increase, especially at 500 ℃, to extend the time of galvanized, metal iron loss in a straight line; In iron zinc diffusion reaction, on the other hand, from the strip surface dissolved down most of the iron and zinc in combination with iron zinc alloy layer, and adhesion on steel strip surface, therefore, extend the galvanizing time will result in the thickness of the coating of the alloy layer increased. On the strip continuous hot galvanizing line, galvanized time is controlled by the speed of galvanized, it is inversely proportional to the speed of galvanized, the relationship between them are: t = S/V x 60 type in: t - - - - - - - Galvanized time & other; Seconds & throughout; V - - - - - - - Galvanized speed & other; M/min & throughout; S - - - - - - - The journey in the strip steel in liquid zinc & other; M & throughout; In galvanizing unit, strip steel in liquid zinc schedule S is certain, visible to speed up the galvanized zinc will shorten the time and the alloy thin layer, on the contrary, slows the galvanized, can prolong the galvanized, thickening of the alloy layer.
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