The airport chair how to better meet the needs of people?

by:OUHE     2020-06-24
The airport chair how to better meet the needs of people: people in the process of waiting for: 1. There will be idle; 2. Anxiety. 3. A person the feeling of waiting time feel very long time. 4. In the status of the body unwell wait for a long time; 3. In the familiar place feeling will be particularly long waiting time. Oneness and seat design, can not fully meet the needs of people to wait. Therefore; In accordance with the behavior of public rest facilities will lead to the use of the airport chair efficiency is low, not really play a full role. Or become a street bum berth, even vent tools for some low quality people. The airport chair design should satisfy regional style: some of the design of the airport chair to ignore the airport itself characteristic, the shape of the airport chair machine-made, couldn't reflect the style of the city. The theme of urban outdoor landscape and building character depends on the local traditional culture, and the airport chair is the manifestation of the culture, especially the airport can make the person is in the culture of the city.
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