The airport chair metal cosmetic requirements

by:OUHE     2020-05-23
1, the airport chair metal parts must be antirust processing, can not have rust. 2, airport chair metal parts must not gratuitous department seal of pipe fittings. Bug eat by moth, slight decayed wood. Indentation and obvious glue penetration, stick a face should be no scratches, pitting. 3, airport chair metal parts must be free of cracks and scarring. 4, welds must be free to take off the welding, and virtual welding, welding wear. 5, welding parts must be free of slag, porosity, flash, bite edge, splash. 6 place must be free of leakage riveting, riveting, riveting. 7, riveting pieces must be riveted sleek, no hammer. Other cosmetic requirements: 1, product components must be without damage phenomenon. 2, the soft bag, sewing parts should be full, smooth stitching is firm, no off-line, slotted, defects such as double needle. 3, which should be combined with strong, flat foam molding parts. Can not have fall off, the defects such as wrinkling and slack. 4, since the crust parts appearance should level off, smooth without potholes. Uniform thickness, texture dense, die aperture does not affect the appearance. 5, seat appearance and may contact with body parts should not have sharp protrusion endanger the safety of the human body. 6, product finishing parts or plastic parts should be no discoloration phenomenon appearance. 7, parts shall be clean, colour and lustre is uniform appearance. 8, painting ( Plating) Floor surface should be smooth, uniform color, no peeling, cracks and other defects.
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