The airport chair need to design special seats for people with disabilities?

by:OUHE     2020-06-19
Of returning tourists travel, airport is becoming more and more, of course, there will be a lot of disabled people, therefore, as the airport chair inside the terminal, also nots allow to ignore its important. In addition to being able to bring the favour of the passengers, but also give a bit for the society, help to build a civilized society. To consider the inconvenience of the disabled in action, waiting chair in caring for people with disabilities has also set up a 'dedicated' disabled seat, hoping to help the disabled. Set up a 'dedicated' disabled people waiting chair may hurt the hearts of people with disabilities, but it is absolutely necessary. Special seats for people with disabilities is a kind of 'special distinction between', but it is inevitable to distinguish from the social level. If not, cannot make ChongCanRen and get due care. This & other; Take care & throughout; For some, Mild) Disabled or damage a dignity, but at the same time, it is more ( Severe) People with disabilities, is likely to provide a certain dignity and decent. Because they have a real need of barrier-free facilities. So, objective existence must precede the subjective spiritual needs are met, otherwise, the huge inconvenience and difficult to bring the body in pain at the same time, may also make them suffer more in the crowd. So, in a public place, such as the airport waiting room, set up a 'dedicated' disabled people waiting chair also is to have the spiritual demand concerns.
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