The airport chair 'satisfaction' should be how to measure?

by:OUHE     2020-06-22
The airport chair & other; Satisfaction & throughout; Like the cleanliness, operational efficiency and high quality service, has the right number of comfortable seat is also the key to improve the passenger satisfaction factor, good seat system helps to make the airport a passenger expect to experience again. In the digital age, a high proportion of passengers travel carry electronic products, a lot of people hope to electronic devices before boarding the plane, so the need for a power outlet is bigger than ever before. To this end, the airport seat charge is set to become & other; The standard & throughout; 。 Airport will set up drinks beverage holder, tablets, stents and pedals and other ancillary equipment, to meet various needs. ( USB airport chair, is the design of many current airport choice! ) Many airports also provides a variety of seat for the traveler choice to bring a travel experience, including business seats, bar stool, children and other various types of seat, all of these are based on airport passenger demand for personalized and build. And this has greatly improved the passenger satisfaction.
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