The airport chair seat plate and the back detail

by:OUHE     2020-06-22
Plate and the back is separated type. Seats and seat between keep armrest, easy to measures. Material: back & ge; 19mm; Plate & ge; 27 mm thick high-density polyurethane ammonia ester ( PU) ( I feel inside steel, steel standard: Q235 steel tube, 16 mm in diameter, the thickness of 2. 0 ~ 3. 0mm) Mold design. Density: (lagging performance indicators ISO845:1995) 360㎏/M3。 Load: ( ISO2439:2000) 330 n /㎡。 Tensile strength: ( ISO1798:2000) 2400 kpa。 Elasticity: ISO8307) 毫米= 41%。 Tear degree: ISO8067) 1710 n / M。 Density: (plate performance indicators ISO845:1995) 380㎏/㎡。 Load: ( ISO2439:2000) 350N。 Tensile strength: ( ISO1798:2000) 2600 kpa。 Elasticity: ISO8307) MM=42%. Tear degree: ISO8067) 1810N/M。
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