The airport chair seat, surface color and life?

by:OUHE     2020-06-23
Seat non-metallic parts color is gray, second, and a metal texture. Plate and the back color is red, purple, green, blue, black. The change of the colors, not change the material of material. At the same time a tenderer who has the right to choose any other color when implemented, the bidder shall not therefore put forward the increase of the contract price. Seat the whole service life: & ge; For 30 years. Service life of the plate and the back: & ge; 15 years. Life must be in a good environment, the maintenance work to do a very good condition, can achieve the best life. Three, seat surface: craft: non-metal parts surface color uniform; Uniform is bright and clean, strong adhesion, without the pinhole, foaming, wrinkling, cracking and other defects.
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