The airport chair should choose what kind of material?

by:OUHE     2020-06-20
Stainless steel chair has now spread to the rest of our lives at the airport. Stainless steel airport chair is the practical use of public seats in public places, brought great convenience to our lives. Stainless steel chair general requirements and durable, wearable, rust and other advantages, so different people for every day. So, there are different styles of stainless steel chair at the airport? Next, let's take a look at the stainless steel chair at the airport. First of all, the material of stainless steel waiting chair with good quality cooling plate, the physical selection is physical processing, green, not easy to wear and tear, not rust; Station is of high strength aluminum alloy die-casting electroplating polishing, aluminum alloy diversification; Armrest choose large precision casting mold, die casting. Stainless steel chair style 1: stainless steel materials demand is very strong and beautiful, airport chair to may well be in harmony with environment, is suitable for the people of different ages, so is the public seating, and contrast is compared, and it is not easy to move, public chair with high cleaning degree requirement, material is not easy to pollution filth. Stainless steel chair style 2: general waiting chair mostly on back of a chair, stainless steel beam, armrest and tripod parts, stainless steel airport chair material is metal, plastic and bending wood plywood, including hardware stainless steel waiting chair common materials. It usually consists of a piece of hardware, in places like the auditorium, appearance of stainless steel waiting chair cushion for appearance, it is very soft and comfortable. Stainless steel airport chair style 3: stainless steel waiting chair armrest, some without armrest. In general, stainless steel chair without armrest at the airport. Some stainless steel waiting chair from 3 to 4 connect public seating. Only two armrest sharing, some armrest in public seat on both sides, some public chair armrest no handrails on both sides. Usually, the plastic on both sides of the stainless steel chair without armrest. Airport chair style stainless steel pieces 4: wait for the size of the general is a fixed height, sitting height is generally 400 ~ 440 mm, the seat width is 400 mm, the seat below a depth of 400 ~ 450 mm. Stainless steel the material form of airport chair is roughly same, have certain standard products, the price of stainless steel waiting chair is comparative, but material with a slightly different place, the general preferential price for comparison. Above is the airport chair of stainless steel is introduced.
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