The airport chair square steel cold-drawn processing method

by:OUHE     2020-06-22
Airport chair of cold drawn square steel three processing methods: 1, rolling, steel blank by a pair of rotating roller clearance, mainly because the roller part of material reduced, increasing the length of the pressure processing method, is one of the most commonly used in the production of iron and steel production, the main production profiles, pipes, plates. For cold rolling, hot rolling. 2, drawing: a metal blank, cross section drawing through the die roll reduction, increasing the length of the processing method is usually used for cold working. 3, forging: use the reciprocating hammer impact, pressure news blank needed to change shape and size of a pressure processing method. Generally divided into free forging and die forging, used in the production of large section, open the billet section size bigger of the two materials. 4, extrusion, extrusion steel material in a closed tube, one end of the pressure steel from a predetermined holes in the extrusion die for a certain shape and size of the complete method processing non-ferrous metal materials used in the production of steel.
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