The airport chair steel based classification

by:OUHE     2020-06-20
Airport chair steel three basic categories: 1, according to the classification of smelting: open hearth steel: carbon steel, low alloy steel ( Acidic and alkaline two) 。 Converter steel: carbon steel, low alloy steel ( Bottom blowing, side-blown and oxygen top-blown three) 。 Electric steel: the main alloy steel ( Electric arc furnace, induction furnace steel, steel steel vacuum induction furnace and electroslag furnace steel four) 。 Rimmed steel, killed steel, half killed steel: according to the degree of DNA and pouring to distinguish different ( Aviation industry with) 。 2, the classified by chemical composition: carbon steel: is the synthesis of iron and carbon, which in addition to iron and carbon, silicon, manganese, phosphorus and sulfur elements (such as Different carbon content can be divided into mild steel C < 0. 25%, medium carbon steel C < 0. 25 - 0. 6%, high carbon steel> 0 C. Three kinds of 6%) , in which carbon is less than 0. 04% said industrial pure iron. Ordinary low-alloy steel: on the basis of the low carbon ordinary carbon steel adding small amounts of alloy elements ( Such as silicon, calcium, niobium, boron and rare earth elements, such as the total does not exceed 3%) And get better performance of steel. Alloy steel: is it contains one or more of a moderate amount of alloy element in steel, has a good special performance. According to the total content can be divided into different alloy elements (low alloy Total alloy < 5%) , in the alloy ( Total alloy < 5 - 10%) And high alloy ( Alloy content> 10%) Three kinds of steel. 3, according to use classification: structural steel, construction steel and machinery steel two kinds big, Used in boiler, shipbuilding, Bridges, factories and other buildings used in the manufacture of machines or machine parts) 。 Manufacturing steel: the production of various kinds of gold products of high carbon steel and medium carbon steel, including ordinary low alloy steel, alloy steel, etc. Special steel, has special physical and chemical properties of special purpose steel class, including acid-proof stainless steel, heat-resistant steel, alloy electrical and magnetic materials, etc.
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