The airport chair steel plate which is better?

by:OUHE     2020-05-23
Usually the airport chair can choose: 2. 0 mm cold rolled steel, there are other businesses to use stainless steel ( 201, 304, etc. ) The characteristics of cold rolled steel: manufacture of raw material is: hot-rolled coil, at a temperature below that at which the crystallization at room temperature rolling, including: board, volume, and a whole piece of delivery can be called steel plate, also known as the box plate, plate; Length is very long and one full delivery of known as the steel belt, also called rolled plate. Production process: because the production process do not need to be heated, so there is no hot rolled often appear defect such as pitting, iron oxide, good surface quality, high degree of finish. And the size of the cold rolled products of high precision, product performance, the organization can meet some special requirements, such as electromagnetic performance, deep drawing performance, etc. Specification: thickness of 0. 2 - 4 mm, width is 600 - 2000 mm, length of steel plate is 1200 - 6000mm。 Performance: mainly adopts low carbon steel grades, which requires good cold bending and welding performance, as well as certain stamping performance. Areas of application: manufacture belt use is very wide, such as automobile manufacturing, electrical products, locomotives, aviation, precision instrument, canned food, etc. Cold rolled steel sheet is short for ordinary carbon structural steel manufacture, also known as manufacture, commonly known as the cold plate, are sometimes mistakenly written as cold plate. Cold plate is made of ordinary carbon structural steel hot-rolled steel belt, after further made from cold rolled steel plate thickness is less than 4 mm. Due to rolling at room temperature, do not produce iron oxide, therefore, the surface of cold plate is of good quality and size precision is high, coupled with annealing treatment, the mechanical performance and the performance is better than that of the hot rolled sheet steel, in many fields, especially in home appliance manufacturing areas, has been gradually replace the hot rolled steel sheet with it. In the case of 201 stainless steel stainless steel features: 201 stainless steel, nickel content is much lower than those only 0. 8 - Around 1 to 13 - chromium content 15 or so. Because of the different content of nickel and chromium, so performance in their physical properties are different. 201 stainless steel toughness is insufficient, needs a bigger force in the process of drawing, and excessive hardening, affect the overall performance of stainless steel, and also easy to rip. 201 stainless steel with high manganese, harmful to human body. Now the level of consumption level is above 304 stainless steel and stainless steel, 201 stainless steel with high manganese content, manganese toxicity of the nervous system of human body has a strong, countries have banned for raw material of POTS and pans, so in order to people's health, especially this kind of the holding container closest to the food source, or not to use 201 stainless steel as well.
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