The auditorium chair cushion fault condition be?

by:OUHE     2020-05-21
Some auditorium chair spring may have fatigue, sit on it will be more and more soft, feel the auditorium chairs are trapped inside. Most consumers will think cushion concave because spring is broken. The real reason is: the auditorium chair cushion foam after chronic stress, elastic fatigue. There are a lot of cowhide auditorium chair leather damage but also for foam material is too bad, can't support pressure, is like a steamed stuffed bun, if ps is not solid, hard from the outside and the steamed stuffed bun will sag, if use the bad leather, like the steamed stuffed bun skin dry without elasticity and tension, as long as again a little bit strong, even every one is cracked, if ps in solid, full full feeling, can provide good ergonomic support dynamics.
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