The auditorium chair design planning characteristics and product characteristics of the analysis

by:OUHE     2020-06-13
A good auditorium chair, want to have what planning sexual characteristics? In general, the auditorium chair with sofa cushion way there, choose more for convenience 'clock when researchers dispersed reversible cushion structure. In a meeting and see the performance, it shall have relatively vision, seat shall facilitate maintenance and cleaning, should be comfortable when using, make the person is not easy to fatigue. Auditorium chair seat number and should be considered in the dark of local lighting facilities, to facilitate users to identify and find a seat. According to the scene of the use and planning requirements, auditorium seating requirements placed for files and records of tablet, also requires special hall and simultaneous translation equipment and voting, combining speech device. The characteristics: the auditorium chair 座背 sponge: the cold foam stereotypes sponges, curve accord with human body engineering principle, high-density deformation, flame retardant function can be processed. Hemp flannelette material: high quality special ma flannelette, to processing and flame retardant standard brick, fight corrupt do not fade. Armrest: USES the high quality wood materials, after playing gong gong machine forming, surface treatment is consistent with the seat back. Package structure: use spring steel, start as one of the damping structure of return, and no noise. Tablet: & other; Capacitor & throughout; Folding tablet ( Configurable & other; The rear type & throughout; Folding tablet) , can collect in the armrest box, panel made of high density fiber board, board face stick & other; Cold fire panel & throughout; Surrounded by PU sealing side. Fastening screw: the rust the Allen screw in electrostatic spraying is not easy to rust. Seat: modelling beautiful atmosphere, its design accord with human body engineering principle, good comfort.
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