The auditorium chair how to install?

by:OUHE     2020-06-14
A, confirm the components of auditorium chair: hands up 2, sealing board 4, dorsal horn code 2, chair, chair, explode with screw ( Stainless steel hex cylinder head screw, color zinc plating expansion nut) And so on. Some can be mounted to the clipboard, beverage holder, (, number, activity, legs and feet frame, 2, installation tools, screwdriver, Cross, one word) , hex key, rubber grips, percussion drill tools, etc. According to different site select different methods: 1. Concrete: direct use percussion drill hole, embedded nut 2. Ceramic tile, marble, glass drilling first punch until after the cement floor, reoccupy impact drill hole, embedded blasting nut 3. Wood: use wood drilling drilling, impact drill hole embedded blasting nut 3. Steel and steel: the electric drill to drill a three - After 4 mm holes directly buy self tapping screw [ Iron screw] , the floor is 30 ~ 40 mm enough can directly benefit, buy self tapping screw fixed on the straight 2, auditorium chair specific installation steps: first, confirm the venue the length and width: this is an important basic data. The number of confirmed within the channel ( Straight, horizontal a few) The reserved channel width ( Small synagogue channel is in commonly 120 centimeters, is generally not less than 100 cm, in the great hall of the 180 cm, generally not less than 150 cm) 。 Second, calculate the amount of each row of chairs, with total width minus the reserved channel width, the data calculated by dividing the chair width, rounded, is the number of each row of chairs. ( Domestic each auditorium chair in the standard width of the focal distance is 57 cm, both: chair 49 cm wide, with a handrail 8 cm wide. According to the requirement of the customer wide chair can be in 55 & ndash; 59 cm adjustment to determine) 。 Then fine-tuning is one of the most important, because the width of the chair width generally can't be an integer, the number of chairs must be rounded, the remainder in the tunnel. Each unit (also: United sit) To a foot ( 8 cm) , a few units have to add a few rows 8 cm. Finally considering the customer's requirements and the width of the channel, determine the number of chairs, and the width of the channel. Third, calculation of line: seating ( The auditorium chair) Before and after each row of the standard width is 100 cm, but the minimum is not less than 90 cm, the back of the tablet won't be able to put down. With the site minus the reserved channel width divided by the total length of 90 or 100 cm long, rounded, is the total number of rows. Multiply the total number of chairs is the whole site. Paying special attention to is here, the site if it is the ladder of, should be 90 & ndash; 100 cm as a unit, build by laying bricks or stones steps more useless, not less. If it's slope, architectural design, because I can't find available multi-function slope measuring instrument ( Can buy online) , choose more a few point measure, averaged. In case of arc 17 meters in diameter, according to the size of normal production, installation. Particular case is particular processing of less than 17 meters. Hall auditorium chair installation is to have rules, each a chair in the distance and the length, width, needs to be calculated, in order to make the whole synagogue in order.
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