The auditorium chair inspection standard

by:OUHE     2020-05-21
Auditorium chair common 7 inspection standards: 1. The appearance of the auditorium chair according to Q/SG02 - size, specifications 98 regulations, contracts, figure of qualifying for testing. 2. After assembly seat appearance neat, all said, fabrics, soft bag, plastic spraying, paint, plastic shell can have obvious defects such as leakage. 3. Auditorium chair flip noise is small, single chair below 15 db, seat spring is moderate, the springback process. 4. Reversible plate flexible, strong and no obvious obstacles, planar adjustable, slope. 5. Universal wheel lifting activities feet, the whole chair driving direction. 6. Writing board, tea table plate installation, flexible turning, plane Angle adjustment appropriate, no sharp corners burr, etc. 7. All kinds of fasteners, such as rubber reasonable use, installation is firm.
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