The auditorium chair price ordering information

by:OUHE     2020-05-22
The auditorium chair on market quotations will be according to the different factory, style, material, function, etc factors will lead to price difference. A, price requirements: 1. Design for ordinary fabrics ( Price for other fabrics need) 。 2. Don't usually water cup, (and former seal plate. 3. Containing tablet before and after the tablet price need to be, without a tablet minus 15 yuan per person. 4. No tax, excluding freight costs, not package installation. If you need package installed, add 10 yuan each. Second, make out an invoice charged fees; Transportation loading and unloading expenses shall be borne by the buyers, Need to talk to factory negotiate) Contact, manufacturer can help transport vehicles; More than 300, in order to ensure the quality, in principle is arranged by our professional installation personnel to install, installation costs 10 yuan each shall be borne by the buyers. Three, factory start production after received 30% deposit, the balance 70% payment after delivery. Medium and small single ( 300 yuan or so) No special requirements usually deliver goods within a week to 10 days. The big order or have special requirements of special treatment. The content from the network summary above on price, specific please contact the relevant manufacturers
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