The auditorium chair process description

by:OUHE     2020-06-13
Auditorium chair 12 common process description: 1. Must meet to install fixation, sit feels comfortable, elegant appearance, novel style, color coordination, human body curve, consider satisfy people comfortable sitting posture for a long time. 2. Seat cushion shaped sponge using high resilience polyurethane foam molding, fabrics and the support together as a whole; , back of a chair sponge density for 57 kg/m3, sponge cushion pressure 65 kg m3, uniform density, to ensure that the beautiful and durable, the back of the sponge basis & other; Throughout the body morphology &; Principle of unique design of the back waist modelling, accord with human body posture, more comfortable, more perfect. Finalize the sponge, the fabric must be combined with strong full, because of frequent use, won't be long pressure and deformation, wrinkle, jie layer. 3. Seats on, molded case is a high-quality raw materials for ABS engineering plastics injection molding machine pressure molding, features: no deformation, high precision, corrosion resistant, scratch resistant, easy cleaning maintenance, etc. Molded case adopts unique design sound-absorbing hole, maintain good sound-absorbing effect. Inner hydraulic multi-layer plywood with high quality natural miscellaneous wood pattern shape at a time. 4. Reading the double spring seat cushion design, guarantee the seat after people leave the seat up slowly at automatically, no impact, no noise, the springback in place. There is no failure, durable, never fail. Seat to keep the meeting place is beautiful and quiet. 5. Is a high quality red ju wood armrest panel by the dehydration processing, elaborate processing, surface spray environmental polyester paint, luxury and beauty, surface feel comfortable, wear resistant and durable. 6. Beside the plate adopts a multilayer, outsourcing material. The built-in high strength steel plate. 7. Senior MAO hemp textile fabrics used, have fire prevention, easy to dust, anti-pollution, anti-static, wear-resisting, faded and good sound-absorbing effect, color according to customer requirements. 8. Metal parts with national standard grade A cold-rolled steel plate, pipe welding forming, landing foot USES gravity design, can withstand the seat more pressure than normal, and foot the hidden technology, and the ground fixed on M10 & times; 80 expansion bolt hidden inside the baseboard, appearance is smooth without dust, the beauty is generous. After phosphating surface derusting, using a thermosetting epoxy resin high temperature electrostatic pensu processing, no rust, deformation. Meet the national standards, solid, high strength. 9. Support mechanism ( Stents) , chair cushion, back cushion between easy disassembling, installation convenience, interchangeable between different chair; Hardware accessories used standard parts, easy maintenance. 10. Cushion beams with strong back stretch six Angle steel, H16) And meets the design requirements of bearing the gravity, the mechanics properties of the seat achieves GB103573. More than 3 level 4 test level. 11. The armrest ( The board) With line on one side aisle seat number fluorescent reflective indicator ( Numeral) And each seat has obvious number ( Seat number, according to the requirements of tenderee) In the faint light can clearly show the Numbers. 12. Seats can be configured with high strength working 'tablet, can keep clear of aisle when back. It is made of ABS engineering plastics a forming. Between cushion, armrest and tablet of double shaft strengthening and durable. And on the tablet is equipped with the pen slot, prevent dry slide.
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