The auditorium chair which good?

by:OUHE     2020-05-22
Auditorium chair of choose and buy must choose famous auditorium chair manufacturer, the composition of the auditorium chair, chair, chair, armrest, standing feet four parts. Usually stand feet and armrest is a solid handrail rack installation. Structure for the steel structure, steel model structure in general. Cinema, also can be applied in the conference room, so might as well be called the conference chair, theater chair, etc. Like many famous schools are choosing foshan Macao ShuJian provide the auditorium chair furniture manufacturing co. , LTD. Regardless of the material, process, design, services are recognised by merchants from all over the world. Auditorium chair standard configuration instructions: back cotton: adopting cold high resilience PU foam sponge. Cotton: adopt high resilience PU foam sponge + steel one molding. Outside the plate, back: made of high quality multilayer rotary cut birch skin with formaldehyde-free environmental protection rubber extrusion molding. Material: high quality linen cloth. Chair foot: a high quality aluminum alloy mold die-casting molding, the surface of the mirror polishing. Armrest cover: the ju wood polishing paint. A reply packet institutions: the spring and damper of reply. Explode with screws, stainless steel hex cylinder head screw and nut color zinc plating. The common size of auditorium chair: a person who: 575 * 1010 * 850 mm: two legs: 1500 * 1010 * 850 mm 230 mm plate fold: 530 mm plate down: 720 mm plate: 465 mm armrest: 90 mm plate height: 460 mm armrest height: 610 mm tablet width: 850 mm auditorium chair hd rendering:
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