The auditorium seating daily is how to maintain?

by:OUHE     2020-06-14
Auditorium seating common 6 routine maintenance points, auditorium seating sit a bag activities appropriate metal parts lubricating oil regularly, keep the activity of soft parts. 2, back, armrest and sit face joint space clean vacuum cleaner. But with a vacuum cleaner, do not use the suction brush, so as to prevent damage fiber woven wire cloth is light, avoid actions of super-large appeal more likely to lead to pull a knit line also consider clean small vacuum cleaner. Three, it is prohibited to use wet cloth cross maintenance method: hard and sour. Alkaline chemicals such as contact material, so as not to affect the surface quality and life cycle. Such as drinks. Fruit juice with a paper towel to smoke water first, and then with warm water soluble neutral detergent to wipe ( Pay attention to the water seepage preventing control) in the sea , use soft cloth to wipe clean, the low temperature drying. Four, auditorium seating in general use, soft texture can wipe beautiful maintenance, if the filth of the long-term use, the most ideal way: use first asked water dilute neutral detergent ( 1 ~ 3) Leading to wipe, in deep drawing of clean dishcloth to clean fluid, with dry cloth, and finally the toothbrush after all dry maintenance agent, can wipe. Five, the woodiness material should avoid drinking, chemistry and overheating object surface damage. Do not put in the surface of the wood's natural color, leather strong absorption, it is worth noting. Anti-fouling leather. That should be adopted in the leather material special cleaning agent, cleaning agent. Six, metal materials maintenance use soft not to wipe, avoid the use of coarse, organic solvents, Fatty oil. In addition to the fuel) 。 Wet wipes cloth, these are the surface scratch, make the main cause of rust. Better to do the veil or cloth to wipe, light and beautiful.
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