The auditorium seating is a regular inspection items?

by:OUHE     2020-05-22
The auditorium seating is a regular inspection items? A. Appearance: 1. External surface of the parts without scratches, the paint film that touch an injury; Without potholes, bumps and the spray. 2. Surface color consistent and in accordance with the drawings, order requirements. 3. Hardware no scratch hand burr, no injury and the sharp Angle of the personal safety. Second, the stent installing size: 1. Lifting height, 2. Stretching length. 3. Rotation Angle, and three, the assembly requirements: 1. According to the requirements of the order confirmation first model, style. 2. Components in accordance with the drawings requirements test with and without leakage, wrong part 3. Assembly process without damage phenomenon. Four, the structure and function: 1. Lift up and down movement function is normal, no dull phenomenon. 2. Links to support able to rotate 180 degrees of freedom: universal head up and down, left and right sides is able to rotate 90 degrees. 3. Rotating bracket that can rotate 180 degrees and 90 degrees can fold features five, the packaging requirements: 1. 2 size comply with the design requirements. Design, clear font, box label conform to the requirements of the order 3. Paper hardness requirements, packing surface without damage. Six, consistency check: 1. Product model, design requirement and packing mark is consistent with the order; 2. Screw parts specifications and design, consistent order requirements; 3. Installation instructions are consistent with the actual installation steps 4. Accessories accessories in the id number is consistent with the installation instructions.
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