The auditorium seating of the lights should be how to adjust?

by:OUHE     2020-05-22
Light intensity of illumination is a basic and necessary conditions of the auditorium seating, in the TV conference time is random, so the indoor should use artificial cold light source, avoid the natural light. Brunet curtain shade hall doors and Windows. The light source is eye vision had no adverse effect to human body. 1, select trichromatic lamp ( Color temperature 3000 - 3500 k) More appropriate. 2, light requirements stipulated as follows: in order to ensure that the correct image is tonal, the camera self balancing, irradiation participants in the face of light is uniform, intensity of illumination should be not less than 500 lux. 3, monitor, and illumination for near 50 - projection TV 80 lux, should avoid direct light. The direction of the light is more important than the strength of the light, for the lighting installation, diffuse lens can make fully diffuse light, make the participants have a uniform illumination on his face.
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