The auditorium seating on the three requirements

by:OUHE     2020-06-15
The auditorium seating on the three requirements: 1, temperature and humidity requirements: usually consider as 18 Room temperature of 25 degrees, 60% 80% more reasonable temperature. In order to ensure the indoor temperature, humidity, right right hall indoor need to install the air conditioning system, heating, humidification, in order to achieve the function of refrigeration, dehumidification, ventilation. The auditorium environmental noise level requirement is 40 db ( A) To form a good environment. If indoor noise, such as the noise of the air conditioning is too big, will greatly affect the performance of audio system. 2, lighting design and lighting requirements: the lighting is a basic and necessary conditions of the video hall, due to the randomness of TV meeting time, indoor used artificial cold light source, avoid the natural light. Brunet curtain shade hall doors and Windows. Light had no adverse effect on the human eye vision. 3, installation position requirements: trichromatic lamp is generally installed in the hall of the ceiling, the ceiling installation L frame, lamp installed in L framework to the corner, make the light does not directly on to the object and the participants, and rely on the ceiling to light reflection, scattering light hall.
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