The auditorium seating selection standard of fire prevention board is what?

by:OUHE     2020-06-14
Auditorium seating of fire prevention board, but it's not really afraid of fire, only have a certain fire performance. Door plank of fire prevention board, is made a face, fire prevention board base material (particieboard do Also useful density board) Which is made after ambry factory pressure stick. Compared with melamine board, fire prevention board processing more trouble. Melamine plate can be directly cutting board, and fire prevention board need to spray adhesive, using pressure machine more than a day's time, to the material used. Many decorate team, ambry factory, there is no specific machine clamp, with a few ways of linking piece, and the quality is guaranteed. It is also to remind the owner friends, if you choose to fire prevention board ambry door plank, whether should also pay attention to the professional linking piece of equipment. Fire prevention board to stick a face, usually by the surface paper, color paper, base paper ( Multiply paper) Consisting of three layers. Surface paper with color paper after melamine resin composition, the fireproof board has abrasion resistance, scratch resistance and other physical properties. Multi-layer kraft paper make refractory plate with good impact resistance, flexibility.
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