The auditorium seating where easy bad?

by:OUHE     2020-06-15
The auditorium seating is the most vulnerable part of the cushion. Why the mat's most vulnerable? It depends on the use of high strength frequency, there are other reasons lead to the auditorium chair cushion change easily. Auditorium seating cushion is one of the most vulnerable part of the auditorium chair, because it must provide a good support and personal comfort. However, when people sit in the auditorium chair, auditorium chair cushion provides 100% in services. For many years, in the maintenance of the auditorium chairs, quite a few is due to landslide, collapse of the auditorium chair cushion, and the situation of the landslides as soon as you sit on it. Why is this so? In fact, it is easy to find that there are more and more customers will response say why the auditorium chair sit harder? Isn't bad auditorium chair, sit down and feel like being stuck. At that time a lot of consumers will think are the causes of mat sinking spring is broken. Actually not yes, the real reason is: the auditorium seat foam cotton after a long pressure, already in elastic fatigue. Cowhide auditorium chair damaged, there are a lot of leather is also due to the foam is poor, cannot support pressure, like steamed bread, if it is not strong enough, the pressure from the outside, steamed bread will be lower, if use bad skin, like a steamed bread, no elasticity and tension, not as long as a little vitality. Even cracked skin. If the inside is a solid, it will feel fully and provide a good support of human body engineering.
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