The back slope of the airport chair, sat deep design

by:OUHE     2020-06-20
The airport chair backrest Angle: refers to the back of a chair and the Angle between the horizontal plane. Slope name features supporting the center back seat surface gradient suitable conditions (3 and 4 1 point lower back support & asymp; 93° ≈ 0° Work chair in the back of a chair 1 point support thoracolumbar 8 105 & deg; 4° ~8° Office chairs, airport chairs, seating, waiting chair 2 point to support high back, shoulder blades under his men: the third and fourth (115 & deg; 10° ~15° Most of the chair, airport chair, seating, waiting chair back all 3 points to support high back 2 PM support plus headrest 127 & deg; 15° ~25° Easy chair, airport chair to sit on the couch deep design: 1. Edge seat surface area is too small, hips and thighs in chair & on the surface of the other; Elastic support & throughout; Can make the body stability, reduce the burden of back muscle. 2. Under the condition of the popliteal fossa is not pressed, the waist can obtain a bracket by the waist. Meet above requirement work deeply: slightly less than sitting in the human body size & other; Take a deep & throughout; 。 Chinese adults & other; Take a deep & throughout; : P5 female = 401 mm, P95 male = 494 mm, deep work seat shall generally be & other; Better light than deep & throughout; , numerical range is 360 ~ 390 mm, the recommended value of 380 mm.
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