The bank is waiting chair?

by:OUHE     2020-06-01
Waiting chair just as its name implies is to use the bank to provide for the people waiting for the seat of the business, they can also be used in airports, railway stations, hospitals. So the airport chair, the station chair, hospital waiting chair is like bank waiting chair. Just name is different. If we need to place an order bank waiting chair, you can find a strong airport chair manufacturer must find you satisfactory seat. Common specifications: bank waiting chair armrest, feet, side bar: stainless steel. Plate: stainless steel plate, environmental protection, is not easy to wear, never rust. At the bottom of the beams: 2. 0 mm thick 40 * 80 mm steel pipe, air-conditioning outdoor painting powder, can withstand the test of the wind, rain and sunshine. Bank waiting chair model:
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