The choose and buy getting three points for attention

by:OUHE     2020-06-06
Seating of choose and buy three considerations: 1, the corrosion resistance: about corrosion resistance, because in recent years, getting more choice of material is stainless steel industry, so many merchants can produce how many years does not guarantee the corrosion and permanent bright as new slogan and so on many do not tally with the actual, for corrosion resistance, the claim seating manufacturer should give the customer provides the following services: service content: to tell the user runs through choose the material meets the corrosion or corrosion of the standard, to tell the customer seating on the materials used are 201, 304, manufacture and so on related product information, rather than on some users completely don't know why. Service content 2: provide seating steel producers or source, to ensure that the steel is selected in accordance with corrosion resistance of this feature. Three: service content to customers to provide quality after-sales service and maintenance information popularization. 2, stability, the stability of the seating can from two aspects to guarantee. One aspect is the design of the structure, another aspect is used by each of the structure of the material quality parameters is in line with the latest national standards 'metal furniture general technical conditions' (GB/T 3325 - 2008. Seating design, design is basically the same, the general plate, hold hands parts, beams, horse, form a complete set of fittings such as leather cushion. Through these parts, the specific manufacturer difference is design and manufacture process of different. The distinction is not big, and the big difference is that the second aspect, seating parts specification parameters. According to the latest national standards 'metal furniture general technical conditions' GB/T 3325 - 2008. Pit 3, service: when we buy a product, in addition to focus on the demand such as price, style, service accounts for a block or makes us pay for a large part of the factors. With the continuous improvement of living standards and the change of consumption idea, buy the products have been gradually evolved into is paying for a service, as apple mobile phone, why thousands of pieces of a mobile phone, people also after to buy, in addition to the excellent quality of the apple mobile phone, the service is good, especially the humanized service. Reminder: when consumer is buying seating, also need to pay special attention to getting the services provided by the manufacturer, do not in the case of unknown service content in a hurry to buy the product.
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