The choose and buy high-grade airport chair

by:OUHE     2020-05-19
How to define the high-grade airport chair, we can from the style, design concept, material, use place, price, etc, to judge. As senior VIP waiting area, choose the airport chair here sure with ordinary the airport chair there is a difference of several levels of the hall. High-grade airport chair of choose and buy method: 1. See the style, to show to the guest's honour. 2. See material pledge: plate, back: high density polyethylene and ammonia ester ( PU) ( I feel inside steel, steel standard: Q235 steel tube, 16 mm in diameter, the thickness of 2. 0) Moulding. At the bottom of the outer beams: USES the advanced engineering composite material, nylon and glass fiber mold injection molding. 3. See prices, not ordinary stainless steel chair, steel chair to be higher prices at the airport.
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