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The choose and buy office filing cabinet office sofa of choose and buy

by:OUHE     2021-02-03
Method one: the plate cover some office filing cabinets, delimit gently with his nails, can create significant scratches. The surface of the wardrobe pooly paper, luxuriant paper plate, poor wear resistance. Manufacturers use dip coating thickness is thicker and the high temperature and high pressure processing of environmental protection melamine laminated board, high surface strength, wear resistance to scratch. Method 2: look at plate edge banding factory using saw cutting plate, precision sheet no collapse around the edge. Around some without professional equipment manufacturers, the rough cut, there are obvious side damage phenomenon. Some even cut corners, only do sheet front side sealing side. No sealing side surface is easy to absorb moisture in the air, causing plate, lead to deformation of the wardrobe, xi 'an office furniture affect service life. Method 3: look back structure vendors using the thickness of 5 mm or thicker backboard, melamine veneer, using embedded groove leather lap structure, prevent back directly contact surfaces absorb the moisture on the metope with metope. Some brands, back thickness thin, the use of nail connection back, back, direct contact with the wall moisture moisture on metope easily absorbed by the board, easy to be affected with damp be affected with damp, mildew, deformation. Method 4: see hardware accessories manufacturers use of plant parts, quality assurance. Accessory is chest, bookcase and sliding door is an important element, is to ensure that the household products use one of the important indices for comfort, durability, Beijing can generally be in accordance with the classification of office furniture sofa fabric, structure and size classification, according to the fabric can be divided into the leather sofa, leather sofa, cloth art sofa, solid wood sofa and sofa of cany art; According to the structure can be divided into the steel structure of sofa, wooden sofa, sofa man-made plank structure; According to the specification can be divided into single sofa, double sofa, three sofa, etc. The following know office sofa from these aspects of material quality. ( 1) 1, choice of dermal sofa fabrics classification is of high quality leather, generally have pigskin, cowhide, horse and donkey skin, dermal sofa is given priority to with leather and suede. Leather has a natural pore and fine texture, feel is relatively full and comfortable, elastic, general leather qualitative wuhan office furniture into the green husk, half green husk, embossed leather, crack skin four, the quality of a material of leather different prices also different, generally all green husk and half green husk texture is better, the price is more expensive; And the embossed leather and crack skin slightly some times, the price is cheaper also. But relative to the other material of sofa is also more expensive. 2, artificial leather, sofa leather is a kind of artificial leather, also known as the imitation leather. Its permeability and luster is not genuine leather, its price is cheaper. Often the price of a leather sofa - in 4000 8000 yuan between, more affordable. 3, cloth art sofa cloth art sofa is mainly made up by fabrics and fabrics, with high quality solid wood for hangzhou office furniture sofa framework, and then with the parcel. General cloth art sofa fabric is jacquard, printing, flocking, animal wool, cotton, cotton and linen and cotton fiber blended yarn, the fabric is breathable, soft and comfortable, more close skin, no harm to people. 4, solid wood sofa sofa makes pure real wood, choose the high quality solid wood, such as birch, rosewood, rosewood, mahogany, pineapple wood natural environmental protection, such as wood. Its price varies, according to the real wood ebony and rosewood in the most expensive, and the rest of the slightly cheaper. General good solid wood sofa price also can reach hundreds of thousands of yuan. 5, the sofa of cany art sofa of cany art is the use of high-quality woven for rattan sofa, toughness, good gloss, warm in winter and cool in summer, simple sense is very good. Nice cane full uniform, no cracks and fold, toughness good, durable, make sofa and artistic breath. Good cany art sofa price is in commonly 6000 yuan of above. ( 2) Structure classification 1, steel structure is made of steel framework sofa and sofa modelling, more strong. Some in the outer layer of the steel coated fabrics, let sofa sits feeling more soft and comfortable. 2, there are two kinds of wood and wood sofa, solid wood and wooden sofa with cloth art sofa. 3, man-made plank structure is also a kind of wooden sofa, but not real wood but man-made plank, much cheaper than the real wood sofa. Shenzhen office furniture
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