The choose and buy the 11 attention points of 4 d cinema chair

by:OUHE     2020-06-06
The appearance of the 1, 4 d theater chair: appearance modelling is an important link of 4 d theater chair design, pleasing shape would be liked by the audience, in the case of aesthetic qualified, again to see the quality. User experience: 2, 4 d theater chair to sit himself up, if feel comfortable, back of a chair design is in line with the principle of human body engineering. The second important part is the quality of the sponge. A better quality of usually 4 d theater chair with cold high rebound sponge, whereas hot hair sponge is poor quality, can't time tested, slow rebound, tactility is poorer. Many don't understand friend by subjective feeling when the choose and buy, it's not science, a little hard to touch and good quality. In fact, on the contrary, the sponge is just feels strong, actually very low density, and even joined the talcum powder to increase the weight, feel very bad. 3, 4 d theater chair whether spring: small factory in order to save costs, usually choose cheap products to replace, so the consequences is serious affect the quality of the finished product of 4 d cinema chair. High quality powerful manufacturers choose good spring ensure the quality of the finished product quality. At present, the most durable flip the latest is the gravity, the springback in this by gravity rotary cushion, reliable quality, service life can reach more than ten years. The correct posture: of 4, 4 d theater chair thigh calf maintain 90 & deg; & 100 deg; Angle, upper body and legs keep 90 & deg; To 100 & deg; Upper arm and forearm in the operation of the Angle, maintain 90 & deg; & 100 deg; The included Angle. This is the best standard posture, a center of three 90 degrees. 5, 4 d theater chair cushion: good cushion cost is high, many businesses will spend playing tips, senior cushion thick reliable, feel is good, the next obvious concave curve, mesh desks and chairs are better choices, good heat dissipation. 6, 4 d theater chair backrest curve: 4 d theater chair back design is very fastidious, chair of the partial contact not firm, after 4 d effects effect on noise is clear, this chair is not only the quality is low, and poor security. The height of the back of a chair should be able to freely adjust, flexible. 7, 4 d theater chair seat lift: lift problems directly related to the quality of the 4 d cinema chair is good or bad, especially for steering rod pressure rod material, feel lift is blocked, in use process must contact the dealer to solve promptly. 8, 4 d theater chair turf: good turf all use stainless steel or aluminum alloy material, poor use common engineering plastics. 9, 4 d theater chair of the chair feet: chair foot due to less contact with the ground, the stability is not reliable, five claws are more than four claws of the strong, the stability of the chair was promoted, six feet the most reliable, the disadvantage is that at the foot of activity space. Whether 10, 4 d theater chairs have instructions: when the choose and buy must consult whether they contain product specifications, purchase products, in strict accordance with the instructions on the manual for maintenance maintenance, to ensure the safety in the process of use. 11, 4 d theater chair manufacturer choice: when the choose and buy to select qualified professional regular 4 d theater chair manufacturer, best patented technology of theater chair manufacturers.
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