The cinema chair maintenance methods of different materials

by:OUHE     2020-06-16
A, mainly fabric of cinema chair: cloth, the advantages of flame retardant, wear-resisting, prevent fade. On maintenance, therefore, quite exquisite, general common method: if the cinema chair is stained with dust, sand, or particles, then use a vacuum cleaner, a brush to bottom gently down the fabric texture, but cannot use to brush bristles, avoid injury and textiles. If be stained with besmirch, such as: coffee, juice, etc. , can use a neutral detergent dissolved in warm water, then blot moisture with a clean soft cloth, but using a detergent, dosage of reading the instructions carefully to avoid using too much and cause fabrics fade. In genuine leather, PU theater chair: leather has good moisturizing and ventilation function, they can be used for advanced sofa and VIP cinema chair and so on, its characteristic is not easy to fade after dyeing, with elegant color, excellent touch and beautiful appearance. Therefore, general maintenance as long as you use clean soft cloth gently wipe the leather can, also can use neutral cleaning fluid to clean, but please do not forcibly knead, so as not to damage the leather and cause not durable. If maintenance is a long-term use of dirt, is the most ideal way of cleaning up use only a small amount of neutral detergent when diluted with warm water first, again with dry clean duster cloth wipe clean fluid, with dry cloth to polish finally, to be completely dry before using the right amount of uniform leather care agent to wipe, until the surface is bright as new.
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