The comparison of plastic waiting chair and aluminum waiting chair

by:OUHE     2020-07-10
Aluminum waiting chair in detail: material: aluminum waiting chair seat on market usually choose high strength cold-rolled steel plate or aluminum plate, armrest, supporting feet usually adopt 6063 t5 aluminum profile or ADC12 aluminum alloy. Manufacturing process: the armrest, supporting feet: generally is to select 6063 t5 aluminum profile bending welding forming, ADC12 aluminum alloy die-casting molding, 1. Surface after the grain refinement and modification treatment; 2. Beams with rectangular steel pipe manufacturing, surface treated with electrostatic powder spraying; 3. Plate support frame is made of high quality cold rolling forming technology; 4. Seat surface steel plate by 1. 5 mm thick cold rolling steel plate, surface treated with electrostatic powder spraying; Advantages: 1. Well made and durable; With a strong resistance to rust and the function of fire; 2. Europe and the United States and elegant and fashionable appearance, fashionable; 3. Comply with the principle of ergonomics shape and structure design; Optional seat and back cushion. 4. Feet at the bottom of the frame is equipped with rubber MATS, prevent the ground from scratching. Plastic waiting chair in detail: material: on the market of plastic chair face waiting chair chooses import PP and PE plastic material; Supporting feet for metal material. Manufacturing process: chair face choose import PP polyethylene high pressure extrusion molding; Supporting feet steel structure for surface electrostatic powder coating; Advantages: 1. Mobile design to the decoration according to requirements, and can choose double one, three and four people; A variety of color choices, can undertake collocation according to the demand; 2. The shape of the accord with human body engineering principle and the structure design; Chair surface USES the new import PP plastic material, with a shock, anti aging, anti fading, etc; 3. Double metal stent surface rust process, not easy peeling off paint, strong and durable.
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