The correct way of packaging the airport chair?

by:OUHE     2020-06-21
The airport chair parts, respectively is: the back, the armrest, stand feet, beams, screw, tea table, etc. Are separate packaging, to the reunification of the site. The back of the packaging is very important, other armrest, stand feet, beams with foam tape first, after the bubble bag packaging good reoccupy box packaging. Most screws and armrest, stand feet together. The back of the packaging method: 1. If a back one carton to is a waste of carton, this also is very not environmental protection, in according to the weight of the backplane, general recommendation 3 back a carton, then put in back to back between bubble separate, avoid scratching each other. 2. Packing in roll packing machine for a wide range of adhesive tape, the selection of a small scale hand packing. Improve the work efficiency. At the same time avoid the strength of a man's hand is not uniform would result in a loose packing tape. ( Some use nail edge of carton packaging, reoccupy adhesive cane bound)
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