The cortex of the airport chair features

by:OUHE     2020-06-21
The airport chair cortical features: 1. Waterproof and anti-corrosion, suitable hou strong sex: pure aluminum armrest, horse and unique PU, gives the airport chair has excellent waterproof anti-corrosion performance, regardless of the weathered, indoor and outdoor, can keep bright as new, prolong the service life of the product. 2. Fire resistance to high temperature, the burning cigarette butts high temperature can reach 300 ~ ~ 1000 degrees, is one of the major fire hazards of modern society. PU airport chair for four times, each time for up to 15 seconds of cigarette of burning test with ordinary artificial leather chair less than 15 seconds at a time of cigarette prosperous burn. Artificial skin check: 3. Stroke prevention: wear-resisting PU leather hard scratch is a common injury, airport chair also is the main reason that the service life of the damage to the furniture. PU airport chair in the same place four consecutive steel nail scratch test results. Ordinary artificial leather, only one steel nail scratch test results.
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