The design of outdoor public seat regional principle?

by:OUHE     2020-07-04
Common public seats: airport chair, station waiting chair, hospital waiting chair, bank waiting chair, park city such as seating & other Characteristic crisis & throughout; Is a global asked, many outdoor public seat import blindly copy design work, disregard for local culture, ignoring the inheritance and development of historic context, gave up the exploration of the historical and cultural connotation. The most direct embodiment of locality is in its own identity. While doing outdoor public seat design should go deep among the local, local history, local conditions and customs, the appearance of the product modeling, material selection and use of color, should be in accordance with local customs and habits. And outdoor public seat design should fully combined with city overall cultural characteristics, highlight the regionality of design. According to the above analysis, as a public seat manufacturer should be don't need to consider whether or not the public seating design meet the city's regional, mainly urban planning builder, the purchaser of public seating, the bid invitation unit to choose appropriate public seats, according to the city features or choose to have actual strength of manufacturer specially to build public seats!
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