The design principle of outdoor public seats

by:OUHE     2020-05-26
About outdoor public seat design of human nature: in addition to the outdoor public seats, airport chairs, waiting chairs to human nature. Human nature refers to the actual different, in different social environment, according to the different requirements of people to carry on the design, satisfy people basic visual, hearing, touch and meet the requirements of the senses. Starting from the psychological factor of people, chairs meet people desire on detail design considering the person's physiological needs and psychological needs. Reflects the concern's for people, people's behavior orientation is complex, according to the characteristics of the individual, some people like quiet, some people like lively, sometimes groups, sometimes alone any more. Reasonable planning the placement of the seat, after people see is capable of producing & other; The unconscious & throughout; Rest behavior, in addition to setting the chair in the occupied the interaction region, improve the utilization ratio and make people follow one's inclinations of rest also consider people self hidden security, and provides the user with an attractive semi-public semi-private space is also one method to improve use.
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