The desks rust seating how to repair?

by:OUHE     2020-06-10
Desk seating as students must daily objects, the maintenance of protection is very important. The desks seating to rust? Desk seating has made a variety of materials, wood, steel type and so on. Wood has a good, is not subject to rust, but it is very easy to against the tide, so the clear clean desk seating, with a dry cloth or a little bit wet cloth to wipe, do not need to apply soap water, etc, simply wipe is ok, otherwise it is very easy to make furniture paint fall off. As for the steel class desks seating if maintain undeserved is very easy to rust, so before coating, steel parts for pickling, should be to remove the oil, then, in the process of oil removal to use professional oil removal techniques, don't be a hash. When the oil removal work has been completed, immediately phosphating treatment, to avoid the steel surface oxidation. The desks seating should be how to repair? Desk seating in workover operation, is a variety of downhole accident, sometimes alone is not enough to catch a fish, still need to buckle. Buckle the desks seating put type buckle the bailer is to catch fish and multifunction workover tools, and than other reversing tool with high load lift, exit the fish does not need to forward, just put the advantages of can recover the tools, minus the exit fish need tools required equipment. Buckle the desks seating put type buckle the bailer can be used to salvage the downhole tubing, drill pipe and other rules of cylindrical fish. When the lift reaches, the allowable load is not stuck recoverable tool, and does not need to forward, this tool can be circulation.
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