The desks seating formaldehyde to exceed bid?

by:OUHE     2020-06-10
The summer vacation comes, some schools will add some new desks seating, or to the existing desk seating to repair the paint. In order to save money, often choose low grade or even inferior paint, formaldehyde is inevitable. In order to ensure students' safety, 1, the school want to consider the content of building paint, resolutely choose formaldehyde paint, the choose and buy of formaldehyde of the desks and chairs; 2, the local education administrative departments should, in conjunction with the environmental protection department, school desks and chairs in the area under its jurisdiction to the census or sampling, found that the problem timely rectification and shall be investigated for responsibility. For new desks seating formaldehyde exceeds bid is lively, can't let students use formaldehyde to exceed bid desk seating, if not particularly serious, formaldehyde can be ventilated, often in the classroom or in the classroom have POTS of money plant, both for the indoor add vitality, make indoor more beautiful, and can absorb the harmful gas, purify air.
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