The desks seating how to maintain?

by:OUHE     2020-06-10
Desk runs through the maintenance of six note: 1. Desk seating to put in the air circulation, dry place, not near the fire, far away from the damp walls, avoid sun exposure. 2. Dust on the desk seating, with MAO shan, do not use water scrub, too hard to clean when available damp soft cloth graze, do not use alkaline solution, washing powder, soap water scrubbing, this will affect the paint brightness, cause paint falls off. 3. When you move the desks and chairs chair lift off the ground, two people don't push hard hard to pull, avoid loose gross, damage. 4. Often steel desks and chairs to avoid contact with water to prevent rust inside. 5. The desks seating on acid, alkali corrosion is not put. 6. Staff regularly on the desks seating for a comprehensive maintenance, control of time in two months at a time.
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