The fatigue life of the airport chair impact durability test

by:OUHE     2020-06-21
1, used to detect the airport chair face and back of a chair of static load and durability test, and simulated the usage of users, to each kind of chair cushion and backrest ( At the same time and/or individual) Static load test and dynamic fatigue test to determine specimen under fatigue stress and tolerance. 2, strength test content ( In accordance with GB/T10357. 3 - 2013 'mechanical performance style furniture chair stool class strength and durability of the national standard) :a. Seat static load test: 2000 n, & ge; 10 times; b。 Static load test: the back of the chair 760 n, & ge; 10 times; c。 Seat fatigue test: 950 n, & ge; 200000 times; d。 Back fatigue test: 330 n, & ge; 200000 times; e. Seat shock test: 25 kg, 300 mm, 10 times; f。 Back impact test: 6. 5 kg, 620 mm, 10 times; g。 Armrest vertical static load down: 1000 n, 10 times;
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