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The function of classroom seating analysis - regular

by:OUHE     2020-05-25
In the university classroom seating most fixed in the classroom, on the ground, its location is fixed and spacing. Compared with in class, have a fixed classroom, primary and secondary schools, the university classroom is open, the public of the classroom, the use of the university classroom is more flexible, entered the classroom use of flexible, students listen to the teacher entered the classroom learning or liquidity is higher, so, if we do not fix, seating frequently get up, sit can lead to frequent moving, runs through the use of behavior produce put disorders, such as irregular phenomenon, cause the chaotic of environment in the classroom, also give users bring unnecessary trouble. The seating position is fixed, therefore, not only can maintain the cleanliness and order of environment in the classroom, but also can let users more convenient self-study or lectures.
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